Getting Started


Support in deutscher Sprache

Es freut uns, dass Sie Payzzter einsetzen m├Âchten. Wir k├Ânnen Ihnen Unterst├╝tzung f├╝r die Integration in deutscher Sprache anbieten. Kontaktieren Sie uns:

If you are not a developer, you probably want to implement Payzzter into your web shop. Please look into the Shop Plugins section.

Quick Start

There are different ways how you can integrate Payzzter into your webpage.

  1. Using an e-commerce shop system: Check out our Plugins section.
  2. Using one of our Integrations for your own application or website.

We support different types of payments:

  • One-off payments: Immediate capture of a specific amount.
  • Recurring payments: A subscription which is handled by Payzzter.
  • Tokenization: Payzzter stores the credit card information for further captures. Payments can be made on behalf of this tokenization through merchant backend or API.
  • Reservation: A specific amount gets blocked on the credit card. A capture is possible within 7 days.


Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask us